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  1. Is there anyone in the greater Seattle area that knows these cars pretty well?

    I think I may have a tall-ish order in getting my GLH-S sorted out and I may need to take it to a garage instead of trying to do it myself and muck it up :(
  2. GLH-S Fuel tank replacement

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hey Fam, It looks like I'm going to replace my fuel tank to be on the safe side. While I'm in there, I also plan on coverting to the Walbro single pump. I need to buy a shop manual, but while I'm here I wanted to get expert advice. Has anyone done this before? Any advice? Also, things I'll...
  3. Replacing The GLH-S Radiator

    Discussing Shelbys
    Are there any over-the-counter replacement radiators that will drop into a '87 GLH-S? If not, how much does it usually cost to re-core these rads?