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  1. Exterior
    My 83 1/2 DSC's front side-panel ground effects (the panel that surrounds the front side marker light/reflector) both have distortion bulge after 30 years life. Anyone figure out a way to remove the bulge other than a screw through the flexing plastic and into the sheet metal beneath it?
  2. Exterior
    After what seems forever, I can restfully say... It's ANOTHER FIRST here ~ The PPG Pace Car Aerodynamic Extensions are completed and installed, ( and No blood was shed this time *wink* ). This is the look I have been admiring since attending my 1st, " World Series of Indy Car " race ...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi guys, looking hard for a stamped bumper cover for my Z. I have some other Mopar parts to help a trade along but for the right price, I'd do my best to scrape up my pennies. Parts I have: -1 Pacifica wheel (excellent condition) -2 t-tops right and left with trim (decent condition, no locks) -...
  4. Parts For Sale
    I have a front and rear bumper covers and side skirt pieces for 92' Daytona IROC, They are red, pm me if interested.
  5. Exterior
    How hard would it be to install a complete set of gfx from an 89 Shelby z to an 88 Shelby z? And does anyone have one like what I'm explaining, if so could I see some pics? Thanks for the help! :fingersx:
  6. Parts For Sale
    alrighty boys i've had these skirts for awhile and i don't think i'll be using em. I want to sell these nearly perfect skirts and door trim without dealing with shipping. Anyone going to the Mopar nationals in august can meet up with me and pick them up though. 50 bucks takes it all -main skirt...
  7. Parts Wanted
    I am looking for the front right nose cone extension prefer black. I could also use the complete 3 piece set in red. Please pm me or respond here with what you have. I have cash and will come pick up parts in B.C / Alberta.
  8. Parts Wanted
    Hello, im looking for the front and back ground effects for my 1990 Dodge Daytona. I dont care what color they are, im going to paint them anyways. If you have these parts please message me. If you have all the parts and dont want to separate the set, i will gladly take everything. Thank you for...
1-8 of 8 Results