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  1. PT Discussions Forum
    A PT Cruiser GT Mopar Stage 1? My friend have one and i fell in love with it. it`s 5 speed manual, in immaculate condition! 125 k miles. He wants $2800. It has a code for the o2 sensors...
  2. Board Discussion
    I just happen to find this, and dont know a thing about it. i did not know that this came with this engine... anyone know about these? Salvage CHRYSLER LEBARON GT for sale in OH - CLEVELAND EAST offer $30 1989 year salvage vehicle | Copart Auto Auction Broker Lot 19705121 VIN Decoder vin =...
  3. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    wasnt sure where this belongs but figure some would be interested in the build:thumb: 1984 Rampage 2.2 carb being converted from 110 horse to a TURBOGODS TOYS Conversion Shelby front end,<BR> 5 lug coversion, Dodge Daytona Shelby Z 2.2 turbo with hybrid ".48 ar T-3/T-4 70 ar" 40%...
1-4 of 5 Results