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  1. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Im installing a new exhaust system for my 1989 Ramcharger and there’s like a black sphere with wires coming out of it running up towards the front on top of the driveline. It’s on the k member on the driver side and it’s in the way of my exhaust system that’s supposed to fit idk what it is and...
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have 2 head side header flanges, both in used condition, 1 cut off from Hooker header, the other from a DC. Good for custom turbo or NA header build. $20 shipped for 1 or both. Or completely Free local pickup.
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hey looking for an N/A header, preferably a hooker but a DC one would work, let me know what you got and price or trade for something I have for sale, thank you!
  4. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Hey just put one of these on my old ladies FFV spirit 2.5 CB auto and had too "massage" the corner of the PS pump reservoir too clear the cylinder #1 primary tube. Just wanted too pass the info along, idk if anyone has ran into this before, I know that the Hooker brand has no issue, I also am...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Saw this for sale on craigslist! 2.2 Chrysler - Header - Direct Connection- Mopar
  6. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Are there any sources for getting a header for my 2.2 Dakota non-turbo, or am I limited to something custom made?
  7. Parts Wanted
    Hi Guys, I'm looking to see if anyone has the Hooker Super Comp header p/n 5707 laying around that they would like to sell. Shoot me a pm if you have one. Thanks!
  8. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    90 daytona 2.5 es i have the "super 70" (for lack of a better title) hybrid turbo from FWDperformance, they dont sell it anymore, it was the smallest they had in 2007. i want to make an equal length tubular header which does not require me to move the starter or move/rotate the turbo. looking...
  9. Parts Wanted
    ...like this one: Hooker Headers 5707HKR - Hooker Super Competition Headers - Overview - SummitRacing.com dents, holes, & other damage OK... I just don't want to pay $275.95 for a header on a truck that I bought for $185.00
  10. Parts For Sale
    I have a 2.5 exhaust manifold TBI based header for the 2.2/2.5. It's never been used and is in great condition. The header has some slight porting at the entrance and is powder coated gray. The flange is dual the Chrysler flange and standard T3 flange. Looking for $200 + shipping. Thanks.
  11. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    OK I thought this might be good information for people, maybe not. I am circle track racing a 2.2/2.5 and our class is moving to allowing headers, wow welcome to 2011. I was looking for a racing header like the old Hedman 1 3/4” primary 3” collector style rather than the small tube street header...
  12. Engine - Turbo & Block
    We all know that the t3 mounting footprint is an offset rectangle, not quite a perfect rectangle nor square. It would be simple to order a t4 with a t3 footprint (hybrid) if the rectangle were not offset as they were on the old garret airesearch turbos. The added cfm's of the larger turbo is...
  13. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    hi, i have a question. i was thinking about putting an aftermarket hooker header on my carbed 2.2, five speed, rampage but when i got to looking at it, i think the shifter rod will get in the way. first off, will it get in the way? if so, could a modify something to get it in there? thanks.
  14. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have a 1989 2.2 liter turbo II motor out of a 1989 "shelby" daytona.I also have a 1984 2.2l turbo motor out of a turbo z. Other than the obvious differences in the intake and turbo setup whats the difference internally? Will the '84 head accept the newer intake? Are they different blocks...
  15. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    hello everyone, i am currently building up an 87 daytona shelby z (comes turbocharged). I am wondering should i be porting the stock exhaust manifold or should i be considering some sort of header? this would be for a street machine apposed to a drag car. Any input would be appreciated -Stu
  16. Parts For Sale
    Hi! I have a very nice custom tig-welded stainless steel tubular header for sale. I bought it for a 2.4 FWD project but I ended up using an old school 2.2 16V instead. It has a STD T3 flange and a v-band flange for an external Tial-style wastegate. I'm asking 425$ +shipping, which is WAY...
1-16 of 17 Results