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  1. Interior
    I am hoping someone here can help me with my question. I have an 87 CSX with a headliner board that's been replaced with something that doesn't seem to fit (visor holes are about an 1+ off with some other fitment issues). Any ideas on what year headliner boards I should be looking for in the...
  2. Interior
    Ok, so I know it can be done. But I have a few questions, what car should the console come out of? I don't want it to be too wide, it want it to fit pretty well between the two T-Tops. Also, is the wiring already up hidden behind my headliner or will I have to wire it in myself? Thanks for the...
  3. Interior
    I've seen a lot of articles on headliner replacement, but none that deal with having a sunroof involved. Mine looks to be dealer installed unit and it does not leak. I'd like to keep it that way and have a nice headliner. Tips, advice, special tools needed?
  4. Parts For Sale
    Trying to clean up some space and would like to see these items go since they're larger in size: Both front seats and complete rear seat from low mileage 95 Neon. Really nice shape. $150 OBO Headliner from same car (original fabric). $50 OBO Package deal for $175 Above items are pickup only.
  5. Parts Wanted
    need both, will re-do the headliner so it doesnt matter what color. Need the read seats, prefer the maroon color, but will settle for any other color. thanks! -Zach
  6. Parts Wanted
    Yeah I am needing to find the headliner backer board for a H-body that has a moonroof/sunroof. I live in Cincinnati but travel all over the eastern US on business. Andy
  7. Interior
    92 daytona headliner is sagging. how do i fix that?
1-7 of 7 Results