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  1. New member, 89 Daytona Project Help

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    Hi everyone, I have always loved Daytonas since my Mom bought a blue 89 Shelby Daytona brand new! I finally picked up an 89 Daytona t-top, myself. As you know they are becoming very difficult to find, especially with t-tops. Well, I found one in decent shape with t-tops, and very affordable, but...
  2. boost pressure help

    Turbo Dodge Help
    i recently bought a 1988 dodge daytona pacifica turbo and for some reason its only running 2 pounds of boost... what is the reason for that.. isnt factory boost pressure suppost to be at 7 pounds.. please help
  3. Headlights won't stay on

    I got a 91 Daytona and the headlights come on then go off over and over. I change the dash out and still doing it. What can I do to stop this??? :bang head
  4. How to Remove Steering Wheel Plastic Cover?? 91 Shadow

    There's two pins or something holding the plastic together on my 91 Dodge Shadow's steering wheel.. anyone know how to remove these? I don't want to break the plastic off but if I have to I will.. :/
  5. 2.2 turbo distriubitor problem

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I have a 1985 Dodge Daytona turbo the distributor is not turning I took a distributor out is still spins the gear inside the motor is not turning does anyone know what that could be I already bought a new distributor thinking that was it I did not what tospend anymore money
  6. 88 daytona 2.5l wont start

    Turbo Dodge Help
    hello, I am looking for some help in getting my daughters car back on the road. I am unable to get codes run on this but have been searching myself the ole fashion way to see if I can find the source of the problem. the car cranks fine. I have fuel to my throttle body. * if I run jumpers to my...
  7. 1988 dodge omni fuel sending unit help!!!

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    :Noob: Hey I'm new to this forum and I really need some help. I have a 1988 dodge omni. Sadly it isn't a GLH, just the standard ole omni. Anyway I need a new sending unit but I CANNOT find one anywhere! :bang head I've searched and searched online and can't find one. I've called every local...
  8. weber 32/36 or 38/38 dfv???

    Parts Wanted
    Well my "amazing" holley carburetor with only about 1400 miles since it was last rebuilt gave out and my car is not running for crap cuz it wont idle but it runs fine... we sat the and tuned it all day and as soon as it went under load it did it again.... I decided to go with a weber DFV carb...
  9. BOV and hatch

    Parts Wanted
    I need a good conditon hatch preferably with louvers and spoiler off 85 charger i need help with how to install a blow off valve and the parts id need to do it any inquries about the hatch please call 585 313 7306 or email [email protected]
  10. massive electrical faults

    Turbo Dodge Help
    90 daytona 2.5 turbo, manual tranny 6 months ago, started with headlights not always turning on, or suddenly turning off that went away, then the left hand turn blinker blinks very fast, that problem did not go away and it always does that still, tried replacing relays, swapping what I could...
  11. BCM woes

    Turbo Dodge Help
    After hours of reading many posts here, I seem to have painted myself in to a corner on this project. :bang head 95' lebaron convert was 3.0 v6 auto. Transplanted 89' 2.2 T2 with getrag 5 speed along with engine box harness ECM etc. Running ok. Cant get any output to the analyser from the ECM...
  12. milling the stock head on 83 SC

    Carburetted and TBI Injected
    i need help because i want a little more power in my 2.2 H.O. carb which is about 9.6:1 stock. How much could i mill off the stock head without needing a new timing belt? And what compression would i be at? I was thinking .030 would give me somewhere around 10:1 and be fine :confused:
  13. New to the site

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    Whats up guys i drive a 1999 v8 5.2L dakota