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  1. Suspension rear wheel drive conversion dodge daytona

    RWD Turbo-Dodge
    1990 Dodge Daytona rear wheel drive conversion Hello all, Thought I'd upload some pictures of version 2 rear wheel drive conversion on my 1990 Dodge Daytona RWD conversion. This design completely bolts in!! Yes we still need to remove the spare tire well and relocate the gas tank, but it's the...
  2. 1986 Laser Hemi Twin-Turbo Conversion

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    So here's the plan. 1) Build a custom body from Aluminum and Fiberglass. 2) Replace the frame rails and convert the fram to RWD 3) Drop in a 5.7L Hemi and 6-speed Auto with manual controller 4) Plumb a Sequential Twin Turbo system How it will be done. All body panels will be custom home fab RWD...