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  1. Parts For Sale
    selling a new unused never installed t3/t4 turbonetics turbo this turbo is built by turbonetics and has 1 year warranty has turbonetics test tag/serial number and has not been installed. This turbo was for my 89 2.5 daytona but i need to fix my 300c srt8 and im scrapping the daytona repair...
  2. 16v Conversion
    Alright I need some help guys. I want to do a 2.4L/2.2L hybrid but all motor because ive had a turbo daytona and i just want to see what i can do n/a but the g-head just wont cut it for me and 16.3 @ 84mph in the quarter on a stock h.o. shelby charger is way to slow for me. So i was wondering if...
  3. Engine - Turbo & Block
    So hear is the skiny. I have a .48/.60 garret turbo .60 is off of a Ford Merkur. I also have a stock t1 garret .42/.48. the .48/.60 garret needs a rebuild while the T1 seems tight and spins freely. Can I just swap the compressor housing and run the T1 with the .60 compressor housing? I noticed...
  4. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    wasnt sure where this belongs but figure some would be interested in the build:thumb: 1984 Rampage 2.2 carb being converted from 110 horse to a TURBOGODS TOYS Conversion Shelby front end,<BR> 5 lug coversion, Dodge Daytona Shelby Z 2.2 turbo with hybrid ".48 ar T-3/T-4 70 ar" 40%...
  5. 16v Conversion
    Well, I figured that I would start a project log of the Daytona's process in the building of the hybrid. I have gotten quite a bit of the parts to build everything. Just looking at getting the last few parts to get it up and going, then to get the machine work finished and put back together...
  6. Dynamic Duo

    Manitoba's Quickest FWD TD's. Either one of these cars has more 11 sec timeslips than all other 4 cyl FWD's in MB combined!
1-6 of 6 Results