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  1. Parts For Sale
    Date: 07th May 2014 Username: bigjon69420 Full Name:jon chase City, State, Zip:Greenville pa 16125 Contact:724-813-1751 Asking 125 shipped for radiator and intercooler, from a 87 Daytona in perfect working order, used for the last year, upgrading to bigger intercooler so no Need to keep mine...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    Ok easiest way to see if this would be a beneficial mod or a dampener. Would be strait forward and state my ic idea. Witch is to drop intake temp as much as possible. So my idea is a dual ic. fmic. With a small after market fan inbetween both fmic and weld them so their is no gap between 6 the...
  3. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Anybody know what the CFM/flow ratings are for the OEM and Indy intercoolers? Thinking about upgrading to an aftermarket/performance IC unit that is advertised as upto 500CFM and 500HP.
1-3 of 3 Results