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  1. Parts Wanted
    looking for a power steering bracket for a plymouth horizon 89 my car take parts from a dodge omni. any help greatly appreciated. would like a picture of what this exactly looks like aswell.
  2. Indiana
    If anyone has any comments on meetings etc. Here is the place to do it. I'll repost the meeting plans in here. Our 2013 kickoff meeting will be January 12th at City Barbeque in Greenwood. We'll be discussing several plans for this year. This should be an exciting year and I hope everyone...
  3. Indiana
    This years meetings will be: Jan 12th Feb 9th Mar 9th Apr 13th May 11th Jun 8th Jul 13th Aug 10th Sep 14th Oct 12th Nov 9th Dec 14th I'll post each months info in this thread. Please do not reply to this thread in an attempt to may it easier to find the info.
  4. Cars Wanted
    im looking for a dodge shadow or a rampage must be in working condition.. pls no major problems.. i live a county from OHIO and 1 from MICHIGAN i dont want to go to far from Noble County you can send me pics to my email or post them threw photo bucket price range $1.00-$1500.00 thanks
1-4 of 5 Results