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  1. Engine Intercooler Hose routing

    2.4l Turbo
    2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT A/T Just checking if anyone knows where I can get detailed information on how the intercooler hose is routed and size including diameter. While on vacation, I had some hack in Corpus work on my car after bottoming out and damaging my radiator and intercooler. He kept...
  2. Intercooler Upgrade

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I've done some research on this, but wanted some opinions. I've currently got a stock intercooler on a 92 Daytona engine that I've got swapped into my Dakota. Running it at 10lbs and looking to upgrade to a simple z-line Mishimoto intercooler, for the regular benefits next to the fact that I...
  3. Formula GP Shocks! Holset, TII radiator/ intercooler, ghead, holset, hoses, fuel rail

    Parts For Sale
    Date: 27th May 2015 Username: tryingbe Full Name: Harry Lui City, State, Zip: Mesa, AZ 85204 Contact: tryingbe at yahoo dot com FM Max Flow Intake manifold. It was a 88+ intake manifold, the restrictive neck has been cut and a large 2.5 inch pipe welded in its place. The individual ports have...
  4. USA Daytona Shelby-Z G-body T2 intercooler part# 4226978

    Parts For Sale
    I did a little spelunking in my shed today and found what I believe to be a Daytona Shelby-Z G-body T2 inter-cooler. I Googled the part# 4226978 and nothing came up. I could use some help as to what years this puppy was used. If its been used it was very little. Paint looks great for...
  5. 88 Daytona Pacifica t-top car for sale.

    Cars For Sale By Others
    I was building this car for myself, but wound up having life get in the way. There's so many new parts to list you'll just have to call me to hear about them. Car is nearly finished in drivable condition. Have more parts to go with it as well. Have many thousands invested, just want to sell...
  6. 86 GLHS Intercooler

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hey guys, Trying to figure out the best way to get an intercooler back into my GLHS. I switched out the a525 for an a413 automatic and paddle shifters. The problem is, the automatic is quite a bit larger than the 5 speed, which pretty well blocks the bottom IO on the stock intercooler. I've...
  7. T2 rad/intercooler setup wanted

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a good T2 radiator and intercooler to throw in my 88 Daytona. It would be nice if the fan is with it as well. I am also looking for the lower, long rubber intercooler hose, as well as the upper hoses if anyone has them.
  8. stock 87 daytona radiator and intercooler

    Parts For Sale
    I have the stock intercooler and radiator from my 87 shelbyz Daytona. 2.2 had it out when I did head gasket 6 months ago its in great shape the fins ar not crushed or damaged. There are a few spots on radiator that he fins are easy. To bend I imagine its original to my car so its 26 years old...
  9. USA T1 intercooler. And more

    Parts For Sale
    full T1 top mount intercooler T1 cam/rockers/lifters T1 Turbo cam = T2 cam for most part little diff comes with glider rockers/lifters T1 a/c radiator - reg radiator T1 computer 8,12 T1 shortblock needs piston rings block is fully apart except the crank ANYTHING THATS IN THE ENGINE BAY EXCEPT...
  10. 86 daytona cs auto drivetrain part out/t2 top end

    Parts For Sale
    Parting out the drivetrain on my 86 daytona cs auto.engine is dissmantled needs rings swirl piston head is 287 has small chip on side of one of collant ports also selling dealer installed top mount intercooler.all drivetrain/engine are for sale also have a turbo cam slider rockers slider lifters...
  11. FMIC Lebaron...need help quick.

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I just need to know what's the biggest intercooler i can run in my '91 GTC. Or whay you all are running. I was looking at a 31.5 x 13 x 3 and was wondering if that would fit. I planned on ordering it today so a quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  12. WTB: parts for a Turbo 2 upgrade / conversion

    Parts Wanted
    Okay - We used to have a barn full of engines - turbo 1, turbo 2, intercoolers, etc and etc. We sold our GLH's, CSX's, Laser's and Daytona's and "moved on" to other cars - sold some of the Shelby parts but gave away most of it, including what I need now. Feeling nostalgic I suppose, I picked...
  13. Homemade intercooler fin tool

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Got an intercooler for free but it was pretty banged up. I knew from the start that the fins would never be perfectly straight but i figured if the gaps between the fins were all the way open, the majority of the air would still flow through. However, i didn't know where to get a tool to do this...
  14. FMIC on first gen Daytona?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hey guys, I am having one hell of a time trying to mount my FMIC on my 85 daytona. The way the headlight braces are is making this a huge pain in the a$$. There are 2 support brackets in front of the rad, one that is straight up, the other is in front of that but angled out. If I could cut the...
  15. USA T2 Intercoolers, Turbo cores and more

    Parts For Sale
    Everything is B/O. I have the following for sale: 4 - T2 Intercoolers: Sold $30 Intercooler 1 comes with brackets - Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Sold $20 Intercooler 2 - Image 1 Sold $20 Intercooler 3 - Image 1 Image 2 Sold $20 Intercooler 4 - Image 1 Image 2 Other Parts: Sold$20...
  16. USA Upper and lower IC hoses, RFL BOV, 1988 T2 SMEC, Light Switch

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale... 1. Lower intercooler hose for 88–89 TII cars: $50 2. Upper (ribbe) intercooler hose: $20 3. Turbo XS RFL blow-off-valve: $50 4. 1988 Turbo 2 SMEC: $40 5. Headlight switch from 1988 Shelby Z Daytona: $10 All prices are as is or best offer and do not include shipping.
  17. Daytona (T2) Intercooler/Radiator/Fan Combo

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale an intercooler/radiator/fan combo from an '88 Daytona. Known working, no leaks or anything like that, just needs cleaning. Will flush and spray down before shipping. Price: $125+shipping or best offer. Located in MN. Pics:
  18. 27x6x3 intercooler too big for 20psi?

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    doing the "getting to 20psi" build and have a line on a 27x6x3 intercooler i can pick up tmrw for cheap ($75) is this intercooler too big? will it cause boost spike? or should i just shut up and quit my worrying? lol doesnt have to be the perfect match, i just want an ic its a '87 shadow with a...
  19. Should I get this intercooler?

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Well I'm in the junkyard looking around and found this 1st gen cummins intercooler. Will this fit in my Daytona or is it only the later model cummins intercoolers that work? Do you think it's worth it?
  20. Intercooler question...

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Looking to intercool my stock 2.5 Shadow and was wondering how big of an intercooler could I go with before I caused any negative effects with that lil Mitsu turbo? Also, any suggestions on suppliers as I have been simply looking at the generic ebay kits...