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  1. Engine - Turbo & Block
    So, I bought this supposedly "built" but not running daytona from a guy in florida for $1200. So far, everything he has said has been true- 3inch exhaust and swingvalve, stage 5 computer and injectors, ported and polished head, intake, and exhaust. He said the internals have been beefed up...
  2. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have a 1989 2.5 turbo that I'm rebuilding. I'm putting the stock bottom end in it but other than that I'd like to modify everything coming off of it for more power. I'm gonna have the head completely done(including beehive springs)and I want this thing to be as beast as it can be with stock...
  3. Engine - Turbo & Block
    This is a basic break down of The internal combustion engine, it's parts and their uses. This is for any new member's just getting started working on cars who would like information on "how it works". Written by: NAJ The internal combustion engine is a 4 stroke engine and has an engine block...
1-3 of 3 Results