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  1. New Member Intros
    I traded my '72 Chevy for a 1986 Daytona Turbo this weekend, and I think I'm in love. It has the C/S package, but most of that has been upgraded with aftermarket parts anyway, Man, it really sticks to the road, I thought I liked driving, but I never knew it could be so much fun. She's not...
  2. Board Discussion
    Is there a link/section/whatever it called that shows who is all the admins/moderators/PR team etc.. and what there duties are? And who is the head admin.. guy in charge of all the other guys? Where do you find him? What is the difference between a admin, moderator, super moderator and PR...
  3. New Member Intros
    Hello to all! My ride is not turbo. Neither it is race ready (not at the moment). I'm driving the economy Acclaim model. Atleast it is Mopar and somehow (hard to believe) related to Spirit R/T performance models. I bought my car a year ago. My previous car was Firebird -94 LT1. I bought this...
1-3 of 3 Results