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  1. Engine L body spash shield , wiper motor sheild

    Parts Wanted
    I need the under car splash shield for my rampage belts protection more important, but like both transmission side and engine(passenger side) also could use the wiper motor sheild too Dave L oxford ma
  2. L-body torque steer?

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I recently got my 81 Omni running after a turbo swap. I am running a 2.5, a mitsu, n/a pistons, a MP sbec, 90 Horizon k-member + control arms + manual rack(the plastic bushing was replaced), 93 Sundance brakes + struts + knuckles + front springs, and the boost reference is ran straight to the...
  3. L-Body Outer Window Scrapers

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the outer window scrapers for a 2 door L-Body. Does anybody have a set? Please help
  4. 84 rampage parts list

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the following items for my little truck: 1) climate control module with ac switches $30 in good condition 2) rear bumper with side caps $85 in good condition 3) red glove box door (non bin style) $40 in good condition 4) cluster with tachometer/oil pressure/water temp gauges...
  5. Omni 4 Door Center Pillar Trim - Driver's Side

    Parts Wanted
    I have an '88 Omni 4 door that I need the driver's side center pillar trim (floor to roof trim piece between the front & rear doors). My car has a red interior and I prefer it come from a red interior car. Thanks!
  6. WTB: early L-body front clip (nose)

    Parts Wanted
    Hey looking to see if anyone has an early eighties front clip from a 024, tc3, scamp or turismo 2.2. Similar to the shelby charger but with more grille... Anyway let me know what's out there or whatchya got! Thanks
  7. Questions about use of a 1990 568 with LDS in an L-Body

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Will be installing a 1990 568 with a quaife LSD into my 86 GLHS. When using the 90 omni auto axles ( as have be told as per forum threads) do you have to: Modify the passenger's side axle to fit in the Quaife? As per another posting: "When using a Quaife in a 555/568 you are supposed to have to...
  8. WTB: L-body half shaft!!!

    Parts Wanted
    hello!!! i need to buy a half shaft, jack shaft, prop shaft, or whatever the [email protected]*# you wana call the passenger side shaft that has the carrier bearing that bolts to the motor. i need one for an L-body, preferably with a good bearing and u-joint, anyway let me know what you got, thanks!!!
  9. USA WTB: L-body small interior parts

    Parts Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a dome light assembly, or just the trim, for the light that sits just above the windshield. Also, the gray rubber cover that fits over the end of the seat belt where it bolts to the floor. I only need one, but I'll take two if you have them. This is for my 87 GLHS (gray...
  10. L-body brakes

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Just need to know if the brake hoses ( caliper to frame) on an L-body are interchangeable from side to side other than the bracket that holds it to the strut. I need my charger up and running for Monday and I have a bad hose on passenger side. The local parts place only has the drivers side ( of...
  11. Vendor Status? How hard to obtain?

    Board Discussion
    Hey gang....my first email to [email protected] was sent 2/9/11 for vendor status info about selling my white faced L-body gauge overlays and I never got a response. The Pope said he has gone to bat for me, but no word from the powers that be. Every time I try to post up a set for sale the...
  12. Omni seats

    Parts For Sale
    i have a set of front seats for a dodge omni im only askin 100 obo just want them gone they are in great shape you have to pick them up
  13. Large spline CV shafts

    Parts Wanted
    I'm doing a 555 Swap on the supercharged turismo. my buddy is dropping the tranny off next week. I have parts in the mail already: chrome moly trans plate limited slip 525->555 linkage adapter 2 cv seals all i need is a short CV shaft that has the large spline for the drivers side. And a...
  14. Rod shifted 525 help

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I've only ever had one rod shifted 525 car (85 Shelby Charger) and it ran and shifted well so I never tore it apart before I sold it. I just brought home an 85 GLH-T with no motor or trans, and dropped in an 86 T1/525. I hooked up the shifter linkage but it wont shift. My question is: is there...
  15. USA $25 Shipped A525 MP Differential Brace / Girdle

    Parts For Sale
    Mopar Performance Diff Cover Brace for A525 Transmissions.
  16. Optima battery in L-body?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    What 'battery group' should be used in an L-Body? 25, 75,25, other? Has anyone used an Optima battery in an L-body in the stock location and if so, what model did you select and is the 'bottom heigth adjuster' that is often indicated as being required...required? Thanks
  17. L-Body Rear Sway bar?

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have a Horizon that I'm debating if a rear sway bar is really worth it. I guess that I'm confused about it because it seems like when I see pictures of people installing them they are putting them on a part of the rear suspension that does not sway. Anyone have any tips or suggestions to...
  18. Transmission L-Body Short Throw Shifter

    FAQ Section
    I made myself a shorter throw shifter for my GLHS. I grabbed a spare shifter from a yard so my car wouldn't have much downtime. At first thought I figured I'd have to cut as weld the shifter itself, but as it turns out there is no need to cut anything! Here's a step by step how to do this...