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    Hey i have big plans for my 85 lancer but....... im kind of in the dark on what i actually can do:bang head. I would really like to talk to somebody that has done a common block swap into an 1985 car. Even if you have not and know these car extremelly well it would be very much appreciated if...
  2. Discussing Shelbys
    What's the best way to secure the Shelby Lancer center caps so they don't fly off and drain my wallet? I could just take them on/off/on/off etc but I'd be willing to bet that's how the teeth get worn out. I was thinking JB Weld or some kind of epoxy but I don't want to ruin the wheels or the...
  3. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Does anybody know if a 12-button Navigator from a Lebaron GTS will plug-n-play into an '87 Shelby Lancer? Anybody out there ever try it or have any experience with it?
  4. Lancer 604

    SDAC sticker
  5. Lancer 604

    Lancer engine
  6. Lancer 604

    Front of Lancer
  7. Lancer 604

    Lancer trunk full of stuff
21-27 of 28 Results