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  1. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Hey guys, Did some pulls late last night and my boost was only hitting around 11 psi in 2nd mostly. In 1st and 3rd I was hitting around 14 psi. My grainger is set for around 15 but my boost makes it there momentarily and then comes back down. What could cause this? Boost leaks? Pre turbo...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a 91 Lebaron GTC. When i start to build boost my a/c redirects to the windshield. I know that this is a boost/vacuum problem, but i just wanted to know if anyone has had this problem or could help me pinpoint it. Thanks guys, Kevin
  3. Engine - Turbo & Block
    so my buddies 89 lebaron GTC w/ the 2.5t has a really bad coolant leak. it literally pours out when filling the radiator w/ the engine off. i reached my hand behind the engine on the pass side under the intake mani, and found the leak on what feels like a cracked plastic insert... it seems to be...
  4. Interior
    My LeBaron 6.0 1990 is leaking water, a real lot. My lady has to wear boots in the car. I've already clean the Paravans (pipes in the fender) and kit the seals. Has anyone recognise these problems and maybe a solution? Thanks.
  5. Mitsubishi V6 engines
    So I Just bought a 92 Daytona 3.0L with a few coolant leaks (waterpump, freeze plugs, and a few hoses). After fixing all of these things I am having heater issues such as once it warms up it blows lukewarm air, but if I turn the heater off for a few minutes and turn it back on it blows nice and...
  6. Turbo Dodge Help
    1986 600 turbo. I just put a new turbo on at work car has been sitting for a while. The head was milled new valve seals and crack checked. Car ran for 45 min and then statred dumping oil out the pipe. What's going on with this thing I am an auto mechanic and have a ever seen anything like this
  7. Turbo Dodge Help
    ok I replaced the power steering pressure line and I have a bad leak where the line goes into the rack. on the line off of the coupler. Please help driving me crazy!!!!!!:bang head
  8. Engine - Turbo & Block
    Ok, I have a 1990 dodge spirit with the 2.5 in it and i have a t4 50 trim turbo, FMIC, and Stage 3 cal, that used to throw down almost 25 to 30 pounds with the waste gate can unplugged. I have just recently rebuilt the motor have good compression all around, resealed the exhaust and checked...
  9. Turbo Dodge Help
    Ok, I was driving my spirit 2.5 turbo earlier. It was running GREAT, took off like a friggin rocket ship. I did a pull on the freeway with my buddy, got off freeway, now i dont get more than 8lbs of boost. ?? I hit maybe 17-18 on the freeway, i figured i may have sprung a leak, so far no...
  10. Turbo Dodge Help
    alright all lay this out quick because I need to go to work soon. (luckily i'll drive my other car) I was digging around on the car the yesterday seeing if there were and bad hoses because I thought I was hearing an air leak. I found that the former owner had used duck tape on the line that...
1-10 of 10 Results