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  1. Project Log
    Finally think I’m dunn, or for now anyway... Picked up this gem a couple years back, it’s a 2.2 TBI Auto, long roof. I immediately thought “it needs a lift kit”... So that’s what I did! Went through a lot of trials and tribulations of parts swapping till finally dialing it in “correctly”. Lift...
  2. New Member Intros
    Hi Everybody! I just recently perchased an 82 Rampage from the JY I work for at the low, low price of $200. 2.2L no turbo (yet), 60k original miles, light underbody rust and only a few minor shopping cart dings. Oh yeah, and a hideous/weird/cool camper shell, which might be totally custom, 'cuz...
  3. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Needed to change a wheel bearing (92 daytona ES) so decided to change the struts and lower it by cutting springs. Got the struts from a 89 ES an did the necessary swaps so it all would match. But ok, so I cut the back springs by a half coil each and it dropped it between 3/4-1in, and it sits...
1-3 of 3 Results