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  1. 1992-1994 Plymouth Duster Parts

    Parts For Sale
    1993 Plymouth Duster Interior - MINT For sale is the interior from my 1993 Plymouth Duster 2 door that was totaled in December. The interior is as nice as you will find as it was a low mileage car that I was anal about keeping clean. Never smoked in, no rodents, rips, stains, tears, fading...
  2. 89 CSX dash lights

    When I turn my lghts on, the dashboard lights come on for a few minutes, then it pops the fuse. If I replace the fuse right away, it pops instantly. After I leave it off awhile, same thing, will work for a few minutes then starts popping fuses. Seems like something is shorting out once it...
  3. Wait to start relay lights

    I have a 1st gen D250 Ram with Cummings 12 valve and I can't seem to get the wait to start light relay on dash to turn on. I've remounted all the wiring under the hood cleaning everything up and making sure all connections are correct etc, have put in a new battery, all to no avail. Don't know...
  4. Need help!!! 93 Daytona turn signals not working!

    Ok so I been working on this car for the past year fixed transmission, new ecm, basically allot of high dollar work but now can't my turn signals, driver side headlight, bright light or wipers to work tried everything i could think of, was able to get my hazards working but no turn signal or...
  5. Daytona LED's

    Parts For Sale
    Price: $100 Description: LED kit includes direct replacement for: rear brake/turn/running lights(4) forward turning/running lights(2) rear side marker lights (2) front side marker lights (2) reverse lights (2) dome light (1, requires slight mod) for turn signals, you'll have to replace your...
  6. USA Cleaning shop, misc parts, engine, interior, exterior

    Parts For Sale
    Cleaning and organizing my pile-o-parts ive been collecting over the years. everything is OBO +shipping. Im also open to trades so offer away. T3 upper timing belt cover in great shape - 30 t3 snorkel with air box and k+n filter - 150 2 piece intake STOCK with fuel rail, fittings, and...
  7. grill, light assemblies 84 lebaron wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Wanted: NOS or nice rear light assemblies for 84 lebaron turbo convertible. Also want nice grill for front and headlight surrounds. Thanks
  8. 1989 daytona brake lights dont work?

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    the brake lights dont work on my 1989 daytona. I checked all the fuses and I even tried finding the brake light switch coming off the pedal because I suspect it may be faulty.there is rust under the dash due to water getting in it when the windshield got broken by the previous owner. I cant find...
  9. Lights mess with the Tach

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Ok so I just gutted out the rear interior the other day and cleaned out the 16 years worth of crap and dirt that had built up. I put everything back together and I can't find the in line fuse for my amp *not part of the problem*. I start the car and the tach works fine and appears to be in good...