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  1. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Hey guys, I am wanting to use an obx lsd with my a555. I know they are a perfect fit for a 520 or 523 but not for a 555. Now my main question is--I believe I need the gear ring and intermediate shaft from a 523 because I have an '89. You need a 520 gear ring and shaft for '87 and '88. Is this...
  2. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    hey everyone... I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a bulk buy for a Quaife Limited Slip differential for A-568/A-555 transmissions. Drastic reduction in cost can be accomplished with a bulk purchase. The more people that get on board the cheaper the LSD will be. -Stuart
  3. Parts Wanted
    Wanted a limited slip differential for a A555 manual transmission in my 1987 daytona shelby z.
  4. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I pro rally race a 1987 shallow. Stock 2.2 engine and stock trans. I plan to move up a class from Production class to Group2. Gear sets and limited slip diffs are open in Group 2. I am looking for a close ratio gear set , limited slip diff. and high final drive, 4:10 or higher...
1-4 of 4 Results