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  1. 93 Turbo Duster

    93 Turbo Duster

    A Frankenstein of cars... been pieced together with parts from all kinds of things, other TD's to mustang parts. Engine mods: Turbonetics T04e 2.5 intercooler piping hot side Mishimoto black 3" intercooler 3" intercooler piping cold side 70mm throttle body with custom intake 1000cc...
  2. 2.5 Turbo Dakota Drag Truck

    Project Log
    Hey guys. I don't come on the forum as much as I should, but I thought i'd post some pics of my latest project. It is a 1988 Dodge Dakota. Here is what I can think of off the top of my head: 2.5 CB Brian Crower H Beam Rods Venolia Forged Pistons ARP mains, rods, heads, and flywheel bolts Ported...
  3. SRT-4 Engine swap set up + 568 trans + megasquirt

    Parts For Sale
    Here it is guys! I'm going in a different direction with my Omni build and I wanna give someone else a good deal on an almost ready swap 2.4L turbo engine and 568 5-speed transmission. The engine is a out of a 2003 Turbo PT cruiser (same as SRT4) plus the added oil cooler. It has 160 Psi...
  4. MSD Ignition for MegaSquirt coil on plug SRT-4 Turbo

    2.4l Turbo
    Want MSD Ignition for MegaSquirt III for a 2.4L SRT-4 Turbo in coil on plug configuration. Hoping to be sure that the MSD 6AL-2 Ignition box is the right one for this project. The engine is in a Dodge Omni body - really fun!
  5. Megasquirt injector bank sequence ?

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    So... Im wiring in TURBO dizzy after HOURS of trying to sync TBI dizzy to no resolve! Now im just over thinking possibly but which injectors go on bank#1 and #2 respectivley? #1 1&4 #2 2&3 or #1 1&2 #2 3&4? Or does it matter if running 2.2/2.5 mode and inputing firing order... TY!
  6. Una Clocker=Scammer=====RESOLVED

    Vendor and Seller Feedback
    Do NOT buy or sell from Una. He seemed like he was the guy to go to for help with my MegaSquirt when my cousin and I needed it last April. He still has not given my MegaSquirt back, has not compensated me in any way, and is avoiding any interaction with me. He has already been banned from...
  7. 3.0 Megasquirt Install Guide

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    Here is a revised a stream-lined version of my Megasquirt install guide for the 3.0 MEGASQURT INSTALL GUIDE As of this writing the only way to tune the fueling curve and spark curve on the 3.0 is with a standalone or a piggyback control such as a Greddy eManage. Some work is being done with...
  8. 1991 Turbo Voyager Build. LOTS-O-Pics!

    Project Log
    Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums wayyy too long, and figured I needed to post my build thread. Many thanks to all of you on the forum for answering my dumb questions over the past 2 years! I'm also so glad I can post this on here and not have people ask me: " is that "the" SRT-4...
  9. Sundance 6g72's Turbo Duster

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    UPDATED - Edited first post, car has boost 1993 Plymouth Sundance "duster" 6g72T a543 MODS Engine - 12valve g72 stock long block. Ported Upper intake Half inch intake spacers ported 52mm throttle body 3inch catback exhaust with magnaflow muffler cat delete 60/63trim t3/t4 2.5inch...
  10. MS2 connect the dots

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I made a pic of the Megasquirt prebuilt harness. I want to wire it up to the stock TD seneors/ harness.makes it east to get the replace PNP the sensors when thay go bad. I did the IAT lol
  11. Poor Gas Mileage after Megasquirting

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I finally have my GLH-T running well with a MSII setup with the only exception being that I'm only able to achieve ~17mpg (including alot of highway driving). I have my AFR tables set pretty lean under light load, with cruising AFR being ~16:1. I'm using the Volumetric Table tuner in...
  12. 3.0 12V Megasquirt install guide

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    I decided to create some sort of Msegasquirt install guide for the 3.0 since there seem to be a lot of questions about it. As of this writing the only way to tune the fueling curve and spark curve on the 3.0 is with a standalone or a piggyback control such as an Emanage. First step to...
  13. FS: Built 2.5, A413, Megasquirt, L-body Suspension/Brakes, Other Performance Parts

    Parts For Sale
    Clearing out all of my TD parts to make room for a new project. All items located in Niceville, FL 32578. More pictures available upon request. At this time I don’t want to split up the complete engine/trans combo or the suspension/brake setup. I can deliver these big items up to 300 miles...
  14. November Coupon at DIYAutoTune.com - $20 off any $200 order

    Coupon Available for the month of November! -- $20 off any order over $200 To redeem this coupon, enter coupon code 20off200 during checkout and click the 'Redeem' button. * Use this coupon on any product in our store for the month of November! Need a new EMS, Wideband o2 system, Gauge or...