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  1. Alcohol / Methanol / Water Injection
    Ok so first off I have a 86 shelby charger. It has a 255 walbrol fuel pump. Stage 2 comp. 185 theromostat... bc set to 12 psi (will do 14 when I figure out this h20 inject system)..super 60 turbo turbine in stock housing..super 60 cam. Mp head gasket..and superstock wires and coil with ngk...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    Ok, so I've re-wired my entire alcohol injection system. All the electrical has been triple checked individually and comes out clean. My Pressure switch, though it will activate if I blow 2psi into it, will not trip my relay and engage my pump. Everything check's out so this must be a vac...
  3. Alcohol / Methanol / Water Injection
    I'm getting ready to install my DO stage one kit on my 87' T1. The only baseline for what kind of gains from cooling I'll get is what I'd get with an air-to -air unit. Car is an 87' T1 Log draw-through, K&N filter, 2.5" exhaust no-cat, runs perfect, low miles. I know that water injection will...
1-3 of 3 Results