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  1. shifter linkage Q's and basic mods?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    long time no see turbododge!! how you been? so im about to go look at an 85 lancer 2.2 t1 98k miles 5 spd supposed to be pretty nice. he says its stuck in 2nd and he can move the shifter forwards and back but its still in 2nd when i had my shadow it did something similar, but that was so long...
  2. R/T doesnt pull hard no more

    Turbo III
    hey guys i recently picked up a spirit r/t several months and it ran good! The only thing not stock is the open DP. it made a difference, so i finaly put a 180 tstat new oil pan gasket and remove the blance shaft chain and switch to mobil one synthetic. After the work was done went for a ride...
  3. Port and polish Intake Mani

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    Did anyone get significant gains by porting the stock intake? I've got a spare I'm considering modifying. Also would it be possible to gain higher end HP by using different fuel rails and injectors? If so, which ones should I pull at the junkyard?
  4. any little upgrades for 2.5 tbi

    Turbo Dodge Help
    i got a 87 aries k sedan. and i was wondering if there were any little upgrades i could do.
  5. 1988 Chrysler T&C Wagon

    Turbo Lounge
    Okay.. I'm going to start off by saying EVERYTHING that I'm about to tell you is up in the air as of right now. I'm currently replacing the starter and neutral safety switch in the wagon (waiting for them to get here one of these days) and she has a MASSIVE oil leak and knock.. I need some...
  6. my restoration project. 88 daytona shelby z

    bought the car about 4 months ago. cleanest daytona ive seen, the bottom of the doors are spotless. threw a good sealer on it and paint. looks alot better. now for the engine compartment and interior maybe. some mods i got into it.... 2.2L 5 speed turbo.. turbonetics series 60 turbo, +40...
  7. I have always wanted one of these!

    Turbo Lounge
    This was discovered in South Dakota apparently. thats as much info as i have..
  8. Jacksons Black 93 R/T Resto/Mod

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    Hello Fellow TDers, As many of you know I have built a few cars in my day and it seems like everyone always wants me to "start a build thread" well here it is...... We will start with a very solid and rust free and I mean rust free 93 Daytona Iroc R/T. Its obviously black and a factory...
  9. Setup questions?

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Hello, i have a 1988 daytona t1 with a 255 fuel pump, vac block, boost controller, cone filter, ugraded coil, afpr, 3" down pipe and exhaust. My future plans include a 3 bar map sensor, and intercooler. Whats the max psi i could run safely with that setup? Would i need to upgrade my stock...
  10. Turbo 2 head and Turbo 1 block

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I have a Turbo 2 top end (head, intake, turbo, intercooler, etc...) out of an '88 or '89 Daytona. My '86 Laser XT has the Turbo 1 engine in it. Can I mate the top end of the Turbo 2 to the bottom end of the Turbo 1 without any major problems? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated...
  11. The 3.3 race engines

    Chrysler V6 engines
    part of the Can Am project race cars. They had 250+ HP in NA form. There are people out there building and rebuilding the engines. Wonder if there are any parts to be had like a cam shaft and piston set? Allpar has photos and a good read
  12. Another Poor Man's Dyno...

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Okay so I got the Lancer back together. Needless to say after running a pitiful 2-3psi on a blown HG and cracked exhaust runner, she feels like a behemoth compared to before. Looking for anybody's 2 cents on crank or wheel power with mod's listed below. Other people are usually more...
  13. What did you do to your TD today?

    Turbo Lounge
    I removed the balance shafts on my mini...