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  1. P4532328 Mopar Performance Engine Controller

    Parts For Sale
    I have (1) used P4532328 Mopar Performance Engine Controller. However I don't know what its for or the condition. Any ideas?
  2. USA Look quick before they are gone!

    Parts For Sale
    Here are just a few items I will be selling on T.D. Some of these are hard to find or no longer available. All new old stock items have been removed from packaging to inspect for damage. I have individual pics of each item I can send if your interested. Item #1. Daytona Emergency Brake Cables...
  3. New MP valve springs and retainers

    Parts For Sale
    I have a set of 8 brand new still in the box valve springs and retainers for sale. The springs are part# P4286813 and they have the matching retainers #P4452032. They were never installed on a head. I am only selling because I went with a larger cam. Specs are: installed ht:1.654/1.70", single...
  4. Logic Module/Computers Parts Number Help

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I have computers and a logic module that I don't know which car they go to. P4532036 P5226766 P4532353 LOGIC MODULE CS1078 Please help me ID these. Thanks, Harold