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  1. Electrical
    I have a 1st gen D250 Ram with Cummings 12 valve and I can't seem to get the wait to start light relay on dash to turn on. I've remounted all the wiring under the hood cleaning everything up and making sure all connections are correct etc, have put in a new battery, all to no avail. Don't know...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    when I bought my Daytona neither the odometer or speedometer worked. A freind of mine had a spare cluster lying around that was from a lebaron. So we swapped the two out. The speedo and odometer worked perfect for several months. But now the odometer quit completely but the speedo still works as...
  3. Turbo Dodge Help
    I've stuck a different one in and that one doesn't work either. What color wire am I looking for on the coil, on the + or -? What slot on the bulkhead connector am I looking for? Most common reason? It'd be nice to see it working.
1-3 of 3 Results