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  1. Turbo Dodge Help
    Hello all I got a 1985 Dodge Daytona Turbo, it's been sitting for about 10 years but long story short it needs every vacuum line replaced. Some are badly damaged and the others are missing. I need to know if the universal check valves from O'Reilly's will work and what size orifice/restrictor I...
  2. Turbo Dodge Help
    I'm looking for the part numbers for the vacuum restrictors / orifices that are used in my 88 Lebaron T1. I have 4 that are in use. Two for the turbo (one yellow and one light blue). One 7/32 red one used inline between the vapor canister and the intake manifold. What are they called in the...
  3. Parts Wanted
    It's located by the air box and looks like a 'Y' If you look thru the 'Y' you will see a aluminun insert restricting the air flow too a pinhole.
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for the orifice / restrictor that goes between the wastegate sol. and the turbo. For an 1988 lebaron or equiv.
  5. Engine - Turbo & Block
    whats it for? like on an '86 glhs, theres a .020" dia. orifice in the wastegate can line, which in itself has a min. ID of about .093".......so why the smaller orifice? theres a pressure drop across it, gotta be.....
  6. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    What exactally are restrictors? do all of our engine have them? how can i identify them? i want to replace the vacuum tubing in my car and i want to make sure i replace any of these that i may remove, but im not sure where/what im looking for.
1-6 of 6 Results