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  1. Parts For Sale
    1993 Plymouth Duster Interior - MINT For sale is the interior from my 1993 Plymouth Duster 2 door that was totaled in December. The interior is as nice as you will find as it was a low mileage car that I was anal about keeping clean. Never smoked in, no rodents, rips, stains, tears, fading...
  2. Exterior
    Where can I obtain a set of these for an 84 through 90? Can't seem to find any on eBay.UK, the only ones I'm seeing are third gen and up...
  3. Turbo Dodge Help
    Wanting to put some toggle switches in my 1985 Plymouth turismo. i want them to one serve a purpose but also cause it would be pretty badass. i want one toggle switch to turn the cooling fan on and off so i can keep it turned off while warming the car up and keep it on when the car is running...
  4. Electrical
    looking to install an overhead console I got out of a 91 LeBaron and install it in an 1989 Plymouth Voyager. Not to sure if there's a "hidden" plug somewhere that I haven't found yet or if it's just not there.
  5. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I recently bought a 93 Plymouth Grand Voyager with the 3.3L motor and I'd like to swap it out. I don't know what I'd like to do with it though. Get a stock 2.4L out of a Caravan and eventually upgrade its internals then turbo it. Build up a 2.5L with 2.2L turbo II components and bolt an A523 5...
  6. Parts For Sale
    i have an 85 horizon, silver with grey interior, pm me what you want and i'll let you know if i have it and how much. anything at all i'd like to help anyone i can before it gets chopped up and scrapped!!! doors/panels - $50 ea. local pickup only grille in great shape no broken pieces - $50 +...
  7. Turbo Dodge Help
    Ok I've had it not being able to find shit lol!!! My wife says she had a car a while back and we can't find any pix I this particular model! 82 Plymouth horizon tc3 spider miser??? With a vw motor??? Has revers up and the left like ours!! Had a spider decal on the hood and she is unsure of...
  8. Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a 1989 plymouth voyager 2.5 turbo and really want a 5spd swap I know a local shop that will do it but I cannot find a transmission anywhere :shrug: can any one direct me to a transmission and maby an instalation kit
  9. Parts For Sale
    I have a set of Mopar Oem plymouth Sundance splash guards... I want to trade for a set of NOs Chrysler Laser splash guards... let me know if anyone is interested the part # is 82300290 still in the packagew never opened... thank you
  10. Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hi i'm new to engine swaps and such. I was just wondering in a 2.5 liter turbo from an 89 plymouth acclaim would be compatible with my 2.5 liter 1993 plymouth duster. Please let me know - if it is possible - what i would need besides the motor for my car to be drivable.
  11. Kcar25

    Painted the rear taillights, the camera man had trouble keeping their hand steady, but you can see the flat black stripes. Only painted the tops of the channels on the lenses.
  12. Kcar21

    Finish shot three
  13. Kcar22

    ... and four
  14. Kcar23

    ... and five
  15. Kcar18

    Both of us posed for a pic
  16. Kcar19

    Mmmmmmm, rump stripe
  17. Kcar20

    Another after shot
1-17 of 36 Results