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  1. PT Discussions Forum
    A PT Cruiser GT Mopar Stage 1? My friend have one and i fell in love with it. it`s 5 speed manual, in immaculate condition! 125 k miles. He wants $2800. It has a code for the o2 sensors...
  2. Carburetted and TBI Injected
    i need help because i want a little more power in my 2.2 H.O. carb which is about 9.6:1 stock. How much could i mill off the stock head without needing a new timing belt? And what compression would i be at? I was thinking .030 would give me somewhere around 10:1 and be fine :confused:
  3. Board Discussion
    Today I found a Ford Merkur with its turbo still attached. I don't know the full specs but I know it has the .60AR cold side. The JY wanted $175 for it. If its a great price and someone wants it let me know. I'm happy to pull the turbo and check it out. If its in good shape I could ship it out...
1-3 of 3 Results