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production numbers

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    I just bought a 1989 Radiant Silver Shelby Daytona with t-tops, Leather seats, pretty much loaded. But I was wondering if I could get the numbers made with T-tops and leather. I know 258 in total in 1989.
  2. Discussing Shelbys
    I was just curious if there was a master list on where Shelby shipped his number cars? What dealership? I have not come across anything but remember the salesman at Arlington Park Dodge in Arlington Hts. IL tell me that they ordered one car special and it was shipped and sold. So i would imagine...
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    ok what do you think the number of rampages that are still alive ? i seen one get killed on youtube so -1 and i have one ? there are 99 on cardomain ? so lets start with 99 ? that i know of and -1 from the factory Production of the 1982 Dodge Rampage: 17,000-17,576 Production of the 1983...