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  1. 91 Dodge Daytona Shelby, Seat Belt HELP please

    Hi all, need some advice/help. I need to replace the drivers side seat belt (black) on my 91 Daytona Shelby. Where do I get a good part, part number? And anyone out there done this? heard have to pull the back seat to get at the back mount. Thanks ahead, Ret. TSgt Jeff Bobela.
  2. How much should i pay for...

    PT Discussions Forum
    A PT Cruiser GT Mopar Stage 1? My friend have one and i fell in love with it. it`s 5 speed manual, in immaculate condition! 125 k miles. He wants $2800. It has a code for the o2 sensors...
  3. System check just plug into my 89 shelby?

    I have a 1989 Daytona Shelby. Will a system check plug right into where my boost gauge, and message center is? Do I have to get pig tails, or horse around with a bunch of wires and possibly ruin my harness? Lol! I'm a little hesitant if you can't tell! Thanks for the help! Reply please! :thumb...
  4. Premium gas

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Does everyone here run premium fuel in their TD? I have owned my Daytona 2.5 for over a year. I know the manul reccomends premium and thats what I use all the time never anything less. I needed gas yesterday and was shocked to see $4.05 a gallon for premium. So I tried the mid level 89 octane...
  5. what kind of manual boost controllers dont leak when boosting??

    Turbo Dodge Help
    im looking for a manual boost controller. one on ebay im looking at is the nxs. i have a turboXS right now and its leaking making a hissing noise. i dont know if its supposed to be like that so it doesnt spike or what. but anybody know of any good cheap controllers that dont leak??
  6. where to put your amplifiers

    Hey guys, how's it going? so i was wondering where do you guys install your amplifiers on your daytonas? cuz i have my amp stick right in the sub enclosure, and that is NOT good at all for the amp integrity, thats why i keep the volume down and the gain down on the amp, so thats my question...
  7. solid lash adjusters

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    So were are people getting these and how much are they? I made 50 of them and so far working good, I'm thinking about mass production if there's enough demand and payback.
  8. adjustable turbo XS boost controller leak

    Turbo Dodge Help
    ive got a adjustable turbo XS boost controller. was under the hood but i just put in in the car so i can adjust it on the fly. when i hit about 3-17 psi it starts to leak. there is 2 orings on the outside of it, thats where the leak is coming from i think. i donk know if the orings are supposed...
  9. My 86 GLH :)

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    I just acquired this car last week, its not in the best of shape but isnt the worst either (my shelby z was rotten). needs to be resprayed and have some new door and window rubbers installed which i cannot find!!! It has +20 injectors, VNT block and head rebuilt out of a '90 lebaron matched...
  10. Need Infinity 5 1/4's.

    Parts Wanted
    I'm in need of a set of infinity 5 1/4 speakers. The type with the amp mounted to the back of the speaker frame. Going into a 1993 Daytona. :thumb:
  11. 1986 dodge daytona engine swap

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have an 86 CS daytona that needs and engine I have two choices choice number one the one I like is take the engine and head out of a 90 2.5 tI with 220000 but not the tranny cause it's shot or the engine and maybe tranny outta an 88 tII that has 293000 not my favourite choice but it's already...
  12. The 4ltr question

    RWD Turbo-Dodge
    Mabye i have v6's on the brain but has anyone looked into putting a jeep 4ltr convert'd in a k or any other fwd car? There are plenty in the yards and they're pretty friggin durable. Just thought that'd b boss!!:thumb:
  13. Suspension upgrades for Daytona

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I am thinking about upgrading the suspension on my '90 Daytona ES turbo. According to my window sticker my car came with some sort of optional suspension package. Not sure what it consists of though. I want the car to be more fun but not overkill. I recently had new fuzion tires installed. But...
  14. * What Seats fit in an Omni GLHS? *

    The seats in the 86 Omni GLHS are too high for me... Plus they don't have much support... Are there any better swaps that fit better and actually are comfortable. I have a new Challenger SRT8 and these seats rock!
  15. 86 Daytona suspension

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I need a completly new suspension for my 2.2 C/S. Where do I get one? thanks
  16. New Clutch Cable & Retainers

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have been patiently waiting to finally get my parts in addition to the replacement clutch cable (old one snapped) for my 91 Daytona Shelby. I finally get them today, specifically 5206 245 RETAINER, Cable Lock 5206 244 GROMMET, Cable Retainer Everything SHOULD hook up, right? No, I am...
  17. Generalized tire question

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    Is there any consensus on what tire size offers the best fuel economy and performance? Does going up in diameter help any? I know on some cars it helps some cars it hurts it. Do you seem to sacrifice much handling with any diameter increases? Thanks!
  18. Stock ECU/injector question

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I did a short search on this topic and I hope not to be flamed for asking, because I'm sure the information is here I just can't find it. But here goes... What is the maximum boost that can be had from the stock injectors, fuel pump and ECU. What is the limiting factor? What injectors are...
  19. oil and coolant mixing

    Turbo III
    took my head off because engine was overheating and oil and coolant were mixing, most likely a blown gasket. Had the head pressure tested and resurfaced. The machine shop said that it wasnt cracked and that when they resurfaced it they took "less then 5 off". Dont really know what that...
  20. Turbo 2 head and Turbo 1 block

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I have a Turbo 2 top end (head, intake, turbo, intercooler, etc...) out of an '88 or '89 Daytona. My '86 Laser XT has the Turbo 1 engine in it. Can I mate the top end of the Turbo 2 to the bottom end of the Turbo 1 without any major problems? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated...