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  1. Parts Wanted
    Chrysler infinity 2 radio with pushbutton equalizer and tape deck. I will not consider sale from newly made accounts, sorry.
  2. Electrical
    One of my recent projects on my car was to (attempt to) fix the original head unit. The radio played fine, but the equalizer sliders and fade knobs had dead spots and the cassette deck only played out of the passenger side speakers. I sprayed a ton of electronics cleaner in the sliders and...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hello, I'm looking for an old stock radio for a 1987 Dodge Daytona. Thank you, Roger
  4. Electrical
    Greetings turbododge! I was poking around the local boneyard, and I found this beauty in a 94 Lebaron. I was wondering if it's an infinity III unit, its got a broken bolt or something holding it in so i couldn't exactly yank it out to do more research, there's some oddities about it that...
  5. Electrical
    Anyone know where there is wiring in common between the turn signal switch and the radio and where I might find the cause and fix for the following? So my SC has the stock radio in it. Actually the car is unmodified period. Except for a paint job (Correct color), a fuseable link, and a lot of...
  6. Parts Wanted
    (picture shows unit from 1983 brochure) I'm looking for a functional cassette deck AM/FM radio for a 1983 Charger / Shelby Charger. approx. 3" height. The 1985,86, 87 radios are too tall (3.5" height) and won't fit. BTW: I have one of these if you need one. I was told it works too. Unsure...
  7. New Member Intros
    Hi new to the forum albeit had the 2004 SRT4 imported to UK four years ago, However am now fed up with the stock radio as the odd frequencies dont work in UK as they are all even. So changing to a Kenwood and have attained the PCS-121 DIN Aerial Lead and the PC2-79-4 Main lead which seems...
  8. Parts Wanted
    bought my first car a few months ago. 1992 Daytona ES, and it needs parts. Super tight budget Necesary: Tires (P205/60R15 or whatever will fit. Anything over 15s, i need rims then) Possibly needed: Radio (aftermarket preferred, will take factory no doubt)
1-8 of 8 Results