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  1. Project Log
    I have been asking alot of questions all over the forum to help me to get my car running, i also have been thinking about making one comprehensive thread with everything about my car so it's easier for people to help me and such.
  2. Turbo Lounge
    Who all gets Velocity? I was watching Mecum Auto auctions, and I didn't see it but a buddy of mine saw a Shelby lancer go across the block earlier. Then not too long ago a 90 Maserati lebaron went across the block, it was white. I think Maroon interior? Can't remember... but it sold for $900...
  3. Exterior
    I have a 1983 Canadian Direct Connection Dodge Rampage with a 2.2L and a 5 speed. I am the presumed third owner, my great grandfather (passed away a while back) was the last owner who left it on our property a long time ago and it has sat up until 2009 when put gas and a battery in it and it...
  4. Discussing Shelbys
    i found this 1989 Dodge Dakota Shelby :Item number: 140335690304 Dodge : Dakota:eBay Motors (item 140335690304 end time Aug-01-09 23:14:43 PDT) i thought someone can save this truck
  5. Cars For Sale
    After long, hard thoughts given, im selling my rare Shelby Z. Its a 1988, turbo II Shelby Z, 5 spd manual, and a BRAND NEW MOTOR!!! I have put approx. 500 miles on it since i got it running, but seems like im running out of time,money and space to keep it around! For Starters, it has brand new...