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  1. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have a 1987 shelby csx-t, and I desperately need a new Garrett TII turbo for it. Please contact me with any offers at [email protected]
  2. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Installed a new turbo, I put less then 250 miles on it, own my way home the boost gauge went to zero, I did not have any passing power, and I had white smoke out the exhaust. So I knew it was blown, so here's my question...What would cause a brand new Godspeed TD04LR OEM replacement to blow...
  3. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I am looking for a list of K frames the will fit my 86 Laser. Somehow it is the rustiest part of the entire car. It even has the original exhaust still on it! I am not sure if this is a common issue, but where the A arm connects, the K frame is rusted both on the bottom and side. I believe the...
  4. Turbo Dodge Help
    Good Morning Dodge Fans!!! Looking for some help! Trying to get my Odometer fixed (speedometer is working) All the posts I've seen say to replace the gears so we did, (and yes we followed the directions on the gear site to include cleaning out the broken teeth), still a no go on the Odometer...
  5. Turbo Dodge Help
    Where is the hall effect pickup (CUIRCUT) what does it look like and how do I check to see if it works?
  6. Engine - Turbo & Block
    Which is easier to change rear main seal? Pull motor or transmission:shrug:
  7. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I have a 1985 Shelby Charger, one of the two(or both) stock pump(s) is bad so I have removed them. I would like to replace the 2 pump system with 1 in-tank pump. What will I need to do this? I am confused because the replacement in-tank pumps(walbro, etc.) look larger than the in-tank stock...
  8. Interior
    so i just got mind boggaling problem with my window. so i go to roll down the window and i hear a crack from the door, and then i go to remove the door panel to find out the rail part that moves through window motor and pushes up the window has broken, is there any way in fixing this? :bang head
  9. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    I know i read this somewhere on this forum, but will a Turbocharged Charger fuel tank work in a 85 Carb'd Turismo
  10. Turbo Dodge Help
    Going to replace the rack and pinion tomorrow because It's leaking like a mofo. After I unbolt the brackets and undo the grease fittings, do I punch out the pin connecting the I shaft to the steering column? Or do I have to do the whole removal of the steering column bit? Thanks guys
1-10 of 10 Results