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  1. Performance Mod Michigan: Charger (or 87 GLHS) 6pt Roll cage- like new shape!

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    I bought this 6pt bolt-together cage off of a gentleman who was managing his buddies estate. The guy who had passed had truck loads of old TD stuff, and a GLH race car. This guy had sold everything as a lot, but this cage was left, since it was in another building. Since the gentleman who had...
  2. L-body Roll Cage (help needed!!)

    Hey guys, does anyone out there have specs/measurements for the bolt together style 6pt cage for l-body chargers? Unfortunately I bought one (at least i'm 90% sure that's what it is) thinking it was and omni cage for my GLH omni, not realizing that there is a 2" height diference! :mad: I'll...
  3. '87 Shelby CSX Roll Cage - Awesome work done

    Hey guys, My father and I have been working on this Shelby for a little while now, and got it back from painting the Roll Cage this past fall. I have to say, we very happy with the end result. - 4130 Chrome Molley Roll cage tubing - 3 1/2" Custom exhaust with MagnaFlow Muffler - Turbo...
  4. roll bars and roll cages

    anyone have a roll bar or cage in their car? if so, where did you get it,how much, was it a pain to install etc,etc,etc. lets see them and hear about them. i am currently thinking about and looking for a cage for my charger, those that have them, what are the rules for nhra and the like? will a...
  5. P-body structural discussion

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    Ok, instead of hijacking the L-body picture thread again, id like to ask this question in its own thread. After seeing the pictures brent posted of a crumpled P-body and the 2-piece framerail it uses, what would be a good solution for a P-body? a roll cage? if so, how would it be used to...