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  1. Parts For Sale
    [LEFT]Looking to sell off the following parts from an 88 Shadow Rs All items priced as offered, But trades accepted & negotiable . Not to include Shipping or Paypal fees. Hatchback with luggage rack , faded paint , newer...
  2. TurboDodge Snapshots
    It's been raining here for like 5 days straight, so I just got fed up and snapped some pics. I'll take better ones in the spring after I clean her up. Just picked this up from forcedfedmopar here about a month ago. Fixed a couple of minor things on it, but plans are just to keep it running...
  3. sundance rs

    My car along with pams cougar my dads Monte ss and aunts mustang.
  4. 1989 Sundance Rs

    Interior is in mint condition.
  5. 1989 Sundance Rs

    Its been cleaned since this pic and will soon be intercooled hopefully.
1-8 of 9 Results