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  1. 91 spirit rt drivetrain in 84 daytona Z

    Turbo III
    Had fully build 91 spirit r/t and my friend crashed it. Transplanted entire drivetrain in to 84 daytona turbo Z. Axels,disk brakes, entire r/t drive train. FWD short block with arps, ported 16v head, innivative t3/t4 turbo, aftermarket innercooler, 3” down pipe and exhaust, external waste gate...
  2. Spirit R/T Trunk

    Parts For Sale
    White Spirit R/T deck lid, was originally red, spray painted outside Chrysler Bright White to match car it was on. Decent shape, no rust or dents. Has shallow chips in the finish of the spoiler. No decals. $100 OBO, local pickup metro Detroit, or will gladly bring to any of the SDAC events this...
  3. Had some embroidered shirts and hats made

    Misc. Items For Sale
    I had some shirts and hats made up with the IROC R/T badge. I created the graphic using some high resolution pictures as reference. Chrysler does not offer anything with this logo so I had some made. I paid the setup fee and did the time on the graphic to have my own shirts so I am passing...
  4. Cam repair choices?

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Where can a guy get his T3 exhaust cam repaired or get a replacement? My stock original cam has porosity from the factory and it is on two lobes and one is on the up side of one ramp and it has started wiping the cam lobe. It needs sprayed and reground. Apparently Wallace/Lone Wolf Is out of...
  5. WTB: spirit ES-R/T rear bumper and trunk lid!!!

    Parts Wanted
    Title pretty much says it all. Trunk lid does NOT have too be ES or R/T but it does have to have the pre 93 tailight spirit or acclaim with the license plate in the middle. Preferably pick so no costly shipping. Let me know, thanks!
  6. Spirit R/T or ES body parts???

    Parts Wanted
    Does anyone have any exterior r/t or ES specific parts for sale??? Front bumper? Rear spoiler? Side skirts? Fog lights?
  7. Car won't start when clutch depressed...

    Turbo Dodge Help
    So my car will start only when I have it in neutral and do not have the clutch pressed in. If I press in the clutch I get nothing. I can't find anything in my Haynes Manual that talks about a clutch button or anything... anyone else ever have this problem? Thanks -Spencer
  8. 2.2 TIII from spirit r/t into 86 ti 'tona

    Turbo III
    Whats up guys, first off Id like to apologize if there is appropriate threads for this already on here I tried searching before posting. anyway im looking to buy a 86 Daytona turbo z c/s with the 2.2 t i in it (top end was removed after a head gasket blew : ( smh) there is also a trashed spirit...
  9. Oops... Blown Turbo?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    My turbo was giving too much boost and cutting out, also made a bit of a whine. I took my car to a mechanic, but they told me they can't fix turbos? In the mean time I think I may have blown the turbo. I was revving it up and it went boom! Smoke everywhere, can still drive but sounds...
  10. Need t3 airbox and ductwork, Whole spirit shell

    Parts Wanted
    I just bought another 91 Spirit R/T, and the previous owner yanked the factory air cleaner and put on a stupid cone filter that just sucks hot air off the turbo. I need the filter box and bracket, clean air duct (from the computer to the filter box), and whatever goes between the filter box and...
  11. USA Gen 1 Neon Eibach Springs on the CHEAP

    Parts For Sale
    Full set front and rear. I beleive these are Pro Kit Springs (aren't Sport Lines red?). I originally bought these to swap into my omni since there is a thread on here that shows you how to do so, but i ended up going the coil over route, so these are taking up space on the shelf. They are over...
  12. 2001 Dodge r/t - $4750obo

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 2001 Dodge r/t for sale, in USA - Indiana. Mileage: 124,xxx miles Engine Size: 2.0 magnum Asking price is $4750obo Seller Information: rison Phone: (765) 318-7533 Email: I have a 2001 dodge neon r/t with the 2.0 magnum 5spd...
  13. T3 10$ head gasket question

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Shouldnt. Usually bars leak will work its way into the craks/leaks as a paste, then when it gets hot, it will sloidify. It doesn't weld itself to the car, its copper (or most bar's leaks are made froma copper derivative of some kind) If it would mess with the head, people wouldn't spray their...
  14. WANTED - 92-93 Daytona IROC RT/Shelby

    Cars Wanted
    Just as the title states...I'm looking for a 1992/3 Daytona IROC RT or Shelby IROC. Condition isn't a huge concern as long as the price matches the condition. Must be numbers matching, a good title, and run or have the potential to run with a little work. :thumb: Just some examples of...
  15. USA TIII Parts (Fan, Pulley, PS Pump, FSM's, etc.)

    Parts For Sale
    I sold my baby so here are some TIII parts that need to go, prices are negotiable and do not include shipping: Never installed FWD Performance Stainless Turbo Coolant line: $20 TIII Boers Performance Underdrive Pulley and serp belt. I installed this pulley, but I couldn’t track down a noise...
  16. USA WTB-R/T radiator and lookin for a set of konis for G-body

    Parts Wanted
    lookin for a set of konis for g-body.yes i know LOL doesnt hurt to try,and if the price is right an RT radiator.MUST POST PRICES WHEN RESPONDING :P
  17. wtb IROC Daytona

    Cars Wanted
    I am looking for an IROC Daytona to purchase ASAP. I prefer a turbo model and or R/T model but I will consider any offers. Thanks. William Tulsa
  18. WANT A T3 close to the North West area

    Cars Wanted
    Hey guys i have sold a few other vehicles i had and i am now looking for a T3 iroc Daytona or Spirit T3. i live in eastern idaho, willing to travel for it if it's in good shape..dont want to pay more then 3000 unless it's PERFECT..and i mean PERFECT..but i will keep an open mind..let me know...
  19. USA Complete TIII with alot of extra parts

    Parts For Sale
    I need all this stuff gone ASAP, I just found out that I am going over seas for the next 5 years. I dont want it to sit in storage while im gone. Unless we make a deal everything is pick up only or may be willing to deliver or meet part way will work with you. Complete TIII motor. (it has a...
  20. Starter/ Grounding problem

    Turbo III
    I have a 91 R/t. Occasionally when I go to start the car I get nothing. The radio and all accessories work fine, but no starting. In the past I've had to wiggle the ground out plug that goes from the negative battery straight down to the starter. I think the plug that attaches to the starter is...