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  1. tIII cylinder head plugs

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for aluminum cylinder head plugs to remove the factory steel ones. 91 Spirit rt TIII engine
  2. USA Map clamps

    Parts For Sale
    I found two left over map clamps from my turbo mini. Include instructions. $30 shipped/ea
  3. TIII parts wanted

    Parts Wanted
    Update.....unfortunately Looking for these parts used or unused new TIII ARP head studs TIII FWD Performance valve spring retainers Rocker arms 4 RH 1 LH I exhaust cam or a link to a repair shop Valve lifters Please message me the price if you have any of these parts or have a lead on them...
  4. Rebuild or Sell "91" R/T

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hello all I have the oportunity to rebuilt my Spirit R/T 134k miles. California car. no rust,accidents. interior 9/10. I have low compression in # 3 & 4 cyclinders. #3 holds 30 psi, while #4 goes to 30 psi then drops to zero. I was told by the previous owner that he had the head re-worked...
  5. My 93 Daytona IROC RT

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    Here are my Pics of the Iroc The Inside of the car is Mint !!!
  6. TIII air intake wanted

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking to complete the engine bay appearance on my Spirit RT. Does anyone have the air filter cover and hose (has the printed "intercooled turbo") for sale? Also, even though I am possibly installing a FMIC, I would like to have an original intercooler for this car. The one that is in it...
  7. TBO3 for sale RT

    Parts For Sale
    Hello I bought a fresh rebuilt stock 91 RT turbo to put on my 90 daytona. Yea didnt know it wont bolt up. It has no shaft play and looks new. M4 high rated housing. I paid $175 plus ship and I hope to get that back. I would be interested in trades.
  8. Starter/ Grounding problem

    Turbo III
    I have a 91 R/t. Occasionally when I go to start the car I get nothing. The radio and all accessories work fine, but no starting. In the past I've had to wiggle the ground out plug that goes from the negative battery straight down to the starter. I think the plug that attaches to the starter is...