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  1. Project Log
    So lets start from the beginning. About two months ago i scroll through craigslist, find the regular tonas for sale ive seen for how long, then i scroll onto an ad never seen before. For an 86 turbo z, says the tires, hood, radiator, ac pump, alt, and engine computer are gone. Asked how much he...
  2. Exterior
    OK, So I like to surf the gallery and look at the daytona projects. and i came accross a daytona being built by jamierpm. I thought my daytona was rusty!!!LOL but this car was shot!!! but he has worked on this car very hard! I just want to give props for the hard work done to keep a hot daytona...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hey, if you read this, please network for me, and push this to ANYONE you know that might have some floor pans (89 G Body, Daytona) they could remove and ship to me. I am in the US Virgin Islands, and cannot come back to the states to do this, and during my last vacation to the states I found...
1-3 of 3 Results