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  1. 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country Turbo MPFI - $2500 OBO

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    Selling my '85 Town & Country (Woody) out of Seattle, Washington. I got her a few months ago and have been working on her since, but ultimately I really need to get a daily driver and maintenance is getting exhausting. Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title Mileage: 87100 Engine: 2.2L Turbo...
  2. Free to good home

    Board Discussion
    I have to part ways with my 86 Dodge Shelby Charger. I'm willing to give it away to anyone who wants to come and get it. It hasn't been run since 1999. I think if u have the time, space, and money with knowledge, she might see the road again. I don't want to scrap her but, she must go. I just...
  3. 88 Daytona Pacifica t-top car for sale.

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    I was building this car for myself, but wound up having life get in the way. There's so many new parts to list you'll just have to call me to hear about them. Car is nearly finished in drivable condition. Have more parts to go with it as well. Have many thousands invested, just want to sell...
  4. 1991 Spirit R/T intercooler for sale on ebay $90 plus s/h

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    here is a link to the ebay page. 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T Intercooler | eBay
  5. Few 87 Turbo 1 Parts For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Turbo 1 LM,ECU, etc I have a few parts that came off of a Running 87 Lebaron GTC Up First: Power Module $35 Turbo 1 computer $50 good for replacement or core Turbo 1 Intake W/Fuel Rail,Injectors,Throttle Body,Sensors,Intake Couplers,Regulator Minus fuel rail harness $65 Turbo 1 Intake Box...
  6. Helping Dad clean out the garage

    Parts For Sale
    Hey there, looking to help my old man clean out a spot for another TD in the garage. He's been holding onto this stuff, listing it on c's-list off and on. I finally convinced him to take some pic's and let me post it on here. Prices are o.b.o. but he only needs to sell them for the space so I...
  7. Christmas savings on SX Performance fuel pumps / AFPRs and Innovate widebands

    Check out our Christmas specials! - $100 off Innovate's LM-2 wideband / data logger (part number 3806) - 10% off all other Innovate products - 10% off SX Performance's line of American made fuel pumps, AFPRs, and racing fuel filters These coupons are good through January 5th. Merry Christmas!
  8. Looking for window peice

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Hey so the other day I was driving down the highway when i was met by a semi. The wind from the two of us meeting caused the black plastic front window cover to break off. it flew to the side of the road all cracked to hell. If some one has a parts car or some extra's i would pay for two and...
  9. 88 shelby z for sale....i hate to let it go!

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    After long, hard thoughts given, im selling my rare Shelby Z. Its a 1988, turbo II Shelby Z, 5 spd manual, and a BRAND NEW MOTOR!!! I have put approx. 500 miles on it since i got it running, but seems like im running out of time,money and space to keep it around! For Starters, it has brand new...