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  1. USA Daytona Shelby-Z G-body T2 intercooler part# 4226978

    Parts For Sale
    I did a little spelunking in my shed today and found what I believe to be a Daytona Shelby-Z G-body T2 inter-cooler. I Googled the part# 4226978 and nothing came up. I could use some help as to what years this puppy was used. If its been used it was very little. Paint looks great for...
  2. USA "Shelby" Valve Cover: $60

    Parts For Sale
    Nice condition, but rear pass side corner is cracked. it's a clean break, but a break all the same. They seem to go for $120-$175 on here, so I figure under half those prices is fair for something that'd be a relatively easy fix. $60 + shipping
  3. wtb...87 dodge daytona shelby-z T-top and door weather seals/molding

    Parts Wanted
    Hello..... Like the title says , im looking for t-top and door weather seals for my 87 shelby-z. If you have any of these items for sale lmk. contact [email protected]