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  1. USA 89 Daytona Shell

    Parts For Sale
    Hi All - I'm usually on this site to read posts, but now I have something that a few might be interested in here... Up for sale is a 1989 Daytona Shell. I'm asking $550 on Craigslist locally, but will chop that price down quite a bit for TD members - make me an offer. It was a T2 Shelby car...
  2. Need t3 airbox and ductwork, Whole spirit shell

    Parts Wanted
    I just bought another 91 Spirit R/T, and the previous owner yanked the factory air cleaner and put on a stupid cone filter that just sucks hot air off the turbo. I need the filter box and bracket, clean air duct (from the computer to the filter box), and whatever goes between the filter box and...
  3. 87 Daytona Pacifica Shell (straight, No Rust)

    Cars For Sale
    Hello, I am parting out a black 87 Daytona Pacifica. I am keeping some of the parts as spares for my car, but I was wondering if anyone would want whats left. It would basically be the car minus engine, brakes, some interior pieces. Although I have already removed it, I could also include the...