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  1. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Thanks for looking at this. I'm stumped with this one. I'll need to explain a bit. Previously my 87 SC seemed to charge OK but the lights and radio display flickered in relation to the engine RPM. When at high RPM, you couldnt see the flicker. At idle it was very obvious. I ran redundant...
  2. Virginia
    Hey guys, I just purchased my first Dodge Daytona this morning, but the one thing that has stuck out to me is the obnoxiously long shifter (yuck!). I have been trying to do some research on getting this thing shortened, but I have no idea what transmission is in my car. It's a 92 v6 basic 5...
  3. Parts Wanted
    My grandpa's 1986 LeBaron Turbo has been a long project and now has serious new problems... By soaking it's stubborn bottom end in Auto Tranny Fluid and giving it some light knocks from the top of the pistons with a wood block we have gotten it to rotate. However it turns slowly and...
1-3 of 3 Results