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  1. Turbo III
    I've decided i'm going to take my spare snowflakes for the RT up to my work since I work at a dealership and will have them painted. I'm going with all white rims. My RT is red. I do have the factory wheels as well with the painted red. But does anyone have a picture of a Red Spirit RT with all...
  2. Turbo III
    No question, I would just like to say that the location of the bolts for the water pump are terrible.
  3. Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T T3 for sale, in USA - Michigan. Mileage: 93600 miles Engine Size: 2.2 T3 16V Asking price is $1700 1991 Spirit R/T T3 White, one of 434. I bought this down in Ohio and haven't done a dang thing but use it as a shelf...
  4. Turbo III
    I was wondering what the Spirit R/T internals are. Like the pistons, rods, crank, and what hp rating are the stock cranks rated at? And what kind of power the block can handle?
  5. Turbo III
    I have a Spirit R/T, and I was wondering if anyone has put a Srt4 Exhaust on theres? Would it fit with zero modifications, and how would it sound? Also, opinions wanted.
  6. Turbo III
    Has anyone installed an aftermarket BOV. I bought one and will be installing it tomorrow. Just wanted to know if I will be neededning an adapter or if it is just take off take on. Thanks
  7. Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1991 Dodge spirit R/T T3 for sale, in USA - Colorado. Asking price is $1000 http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/1897083514.html not mine but a steal
1-7 of 7 Results