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  1. Exterior
    Does anyone have tried to make a bodykit or something for your daytona´s ? if you have, please upload the photo.
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hi, I am parting an 86 shelby charger. Interior is in great shape. Seat are great shape. I can send pictures. Also have a rear louver set up on the rear hatch. I don't know if they are rare or not but I have never seen them on one before. 75.00 for the louvers plus shipping. The interior set...
  3. Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE white 87-88 shelby z style rear 3PIECE WING SET $50 OBO real great condition. shipping on you. I DO NOT NEED WING ANYMORE, CHANGING TO 89 STYLE..... CENTER TOP CENTER BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE, STILL ON CAR LEFT SIDE, STILL ON CAR
  4. Parts Wanted
    i need the lower chin spoiler, and the lower grille for my 1986 turbo z
  5. Parts Wanted
    i want the spoiler off of an early charger 2.2 package. looks kinda like the SC spoiler, except its tall and pointy, instead of low and flat-topped. anyone has one, or can get one, hit me up?
1-5 of 5 Results