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  1. 2.4l Turbo
    Wassup guys .... im new to this site im about to take the motor for my SRT 4 and drop it in an 03 neon se 5speed i was wonder what i would need to make the T-350 tranny thats in the SE work with the srt Motor and turbo , Can i use the stock flywheel and clutch . also is can i run an SRT 4 turbo...
  2. 2.4l Turbo
    I'm trying to find a passenger side motor mount "kit" for dropping a NEON motor into an L-Body Rampage, Charger, Turismo, Omni or Horizon i can easily fab up my own but i was wondering if someone is making one since i see info on so many GLH/SRT cars out there but no pics of the mounts?
  3. Cars For Sale
    Category: Import Status: Clean Title I have a 2005 Dodge SRT4 Neon for sale, in USA - Ohio. Asking price is $15000 Hey yall. lol i got 2005 SRT4 neon with 26k miles on it! Dang it like a brand new car and very well care of it. Never been abuse or never! I got all the window sticker from...
1-3 of 3 Results