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  1. Interior
    Hey there, I was wondering if you could take a steering wheel like from the Shelby Omni and put it onto a Dodge Daytona. I have no idea how the steering wheel is connected and since these vehicles are scarce there’s no much info. I want to go from this To this I just happen to like the look...
  2. Interior
    I just had the leather redone on my 89 csx steering wheel and now I want to repaint the metal parts. Anybody have any advice on what kind of paint to use? Anybody done it before? The new leather looks great! Used Craft Customs near Dallas, TX to do it. Took about 10 days from when I...
  3. Interior
    I'm currently redoing the interior of my Omni and I am looking for some stock RED interior parts. I had a lot of stuff painted black so I think the black with some red parts will look very cool. - Seat Belts - Arm rests - Dash - Steering Wheel - Possibly other cool red parts. If you know where...
  4. Parts Wanted
    On AA bodies if you didn't have cruise control, there was a black plastic cover that went across the bottom of the steering wheels. I NEED THAT PART! If you had cruise control its where the controls (buttons) would be. Chrysler P/N 4470022
  5. Parts For Sale
    Had to part with #564 due to her throwing a rod, Still have the Steering wheel and all Shelby emblems from her. I'm unsure of what these's parts are really worth, so I leave it up to those to know to make a reasonable offer. Call/text for questions or more info. Thanks Tyler 574-607-7669
  6. Parts Wanted
    hello i need some parts for my Shelby Charger Shelby steering wheel adapter center console gas cap seat covers (front) Shelby valve cover
  7. Parts For Sale
    For sale Black on Black leather wrapped GT Grant Signature Series Steering Wheel. 13" diameter (or there about maybe 13.5). Comes with wheel adapter (not sure if it will work for our cars, single large hole in center and 3 holes surrounding) as well as adapter "accordian" rubber cover. Bumper...
1-7 of 7 Results