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  1. Turbo Dodge Help
    So from what I can see, there were 3 different sets of knuckles used on our cars depending on years. Physical differences include wether the hub assembly is bolted in vs pressed in, and if it got the smaller ball joint pinch bolt or larger. I'm excluding minivans and ABS from this convo. I show...
  2. Parts Wanted
    Bought one set already and converted an 89 Horizon to the larger brakes from an 89 Dodge Spirit. Now want another set of steering knuckles to convert an 88 Horizon.
  3. Parts Wanted
    Title pretty much says it, need a working ZF (plastic reservoir) power steering pump must come with the banjo bolt for the pressure hose, and all mounting brackets. Let me know, THANKS!!!
  4. Parts Wanted
    hi! i need a set of steering knuckles from an 84-87 daytona, lebaron or lancer, an 84-89 aries or reliant, an 84-88 600, an 84-86 laser, an 87-89 shadow or sundance. any of these will work as long as they have 2 small caliper mounting holes where the caliper bolts directly does not use a caliper...
  5. Turbo Dodge Help
    ok I replaced the power steering pressure line and I have a bad leak where the line goes into the rack. on the line off of the coupler. Please help driving me crazy!!!!!!:bang head
1-5 of 5 Results