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  1. Exterior
    Has anyone used Positive Impressions from Jacksonville, FL for their stripes and logos for Shelbys? Prices are good and they have other stuff that I couldn't find.
  2. Exterior
    So i have a 1992 Daytona ES. its white. but it needs completely repainted. I'm repainting it WHITE. firm. no other options. But i want to put stripes on it. BLUE STRIPES. not red, not black, BLUE. now that thats outta the way, im lookin for some opinions. ive been thinking, what kinds of...
  3. Exterior
    hey i'm looking for pictures of 92 daytonas with stripes. any daytonas (not just 92) in any and all paint schemes and all styles. thank you :)
  4. Exterior
    My dad's gonna teach me how to paint soon, and were puttin on stripes (white car, blue stripes). any advice/opinions?
1-4 of 4 Results