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  1. TII to VNT

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    Okay, my tii broke and i got a vnt in its place, ive since learned of more opinions on this swap and know most people wouldnt go this route for a mod. But i have it and i need to know how to make it work with a boost controller with a 89 daytona 2.5. Thanks in advance for any help
  2. '05 Dodge Caravan needs new engine, 2.4l SOHC upgrade options?

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hey all, I've been looking around for a good forum to post this question too since no one I know personally can help me on it. Last Friday I blew a rod on my way to work, now I'm shopping around for a new engine. I can drop in a replacement stock 2.4l SOHC for about $1,600 installed. With a...
  3. Turbo a V6 Omni

    New Member Intros
    Hi fellow Moparians. I'm new to the site. I recently purchased a 1988 Dodge Omni from Columbus, GA. It has a 3.0L 12V V6 swap with a matching 5 speed from a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim, including the computer. The car scoots nicely, however, I always have a need to go faster. I've been reading that...
  4. Neon/PT Cruiser to Daytona suspension swap?

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I noticed that this post here says that the Rampages have are able to near bolt on every suspension piece from a Neon. Is that true for the Daytona's too? If so, that'd open up a huge amount of upgrades. Thanks.
  5. 3.8L Swap 1989 Dodge Daytona ES

    Project Log
    It begins!
  6. Old ECU new engine?

    Chrysler V6 engines
    I'm trying to find a 3.8L block to use for my 89 Daytona to V6 swap. It's incredibly hard to find a '94 Caravan with the 3.8L. However, I have found tons and tons of 3.8L newer gens. I was curious if an old '94 era ECU could run a ~2000 3.8L. From what I've read (I've read A LOT about this) the...
  7. 2.5L '89 Daytona is dead, need ideas

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a 2.5L '89 Daytona ES with a thrown rod. I'm wanting to do an engine swap and trying to figure out what would be best. Idea #1: Swap a late model DOHC 2.4L (pre-2004) and change out cams and stuff for more power Idea #2: Swap a 3.3/3.8 pushrod V6 into it. Idea #3: Put another...
  8. combination!

    2.4l Turbo
    Im new to this older dodge 4 cylinder scene. Ive been into neons now for over 7 years and bought a running automatic 85 dodge omni the other day to swap. I want to put a stratus 2.4 liter out of my neon down in this car. I would like to do transmission, motor and all. I have megasquirt if...
  9. 2.4 SRT with 568

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a 2.4 engine with a 568 trans, preferably with most of the parts necessary to do the swap into an L-body (starter, megasquirt, engine mounts...). Let me know what you have.
  10. Tbi to T1?

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Ok 92 spirit tbi auto, I'm actually keeping it N/A but going to use a flex fuel spirit computer and intake, fuel rail, fpr, and injectors. But for all intensive purposes we'll just say TBI to T1 because I know it's been done. My question is; is there anyway to wire in the injectors to my 92 tbi...
  11. Steal or Rip? Plus need Help.

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Hello TD! Story, Browsing CL i came across a 91 2.5t Shadow ES 5S, for $900 Mileage UNK OD stopped at 157k Runs but stalls, ebay front mount, Ceramic Clutch, Rims + good tires, New Fuel pump, new stock exhaust (emissions) 100% clean body not a dent. I called they guy told him i would buy it...
  12. Bolting MPFI parts onto a TBI.

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Very long story short: I have an 87 Shelby Daytona that has been in storage for 6 years. Shot a rod the day I bought it after saving to buy my first car. At this point I just want it back on the road. If I pick up a 2.2/2.5 NA motor, can I bolt on the MPFI manifold and use the same PCM/Logic...
  13. 93 Plymouth Grand Voyager turbo motor swap

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I recently bought a 93 Plymouth Grand Voyager with the 3.3L motor and I'd like to swap it out. I don't know what I'd like to do with it though. Get a stock 2.4L out of a Caravan and eventually upgrade its internals then turbo it. Build up a 2.5L with 2.2L turbo II components and bolt an A523 5...
  14. 99 Dodge caravan srt4 swap

    SRT4 forum and Turbo Dodge Tech Lounge
    I recently found a cheap 99 Dodge caravan that I'm considering buying. It has the 3.3L engine now and want to know if it's a good candidate for an srt4 swap. I've seen these done multiple times and have been wanting to do one. Is there a site that has suggestions, advice, instructions or...
  15. 2.2 TIII from spirit r/t into 86 ti 'tona

    Turbo III
    Whats up guys, first off Id like to apologize if there is appropriate threads for this already on here I tried searching before posting. anyway im looking to buy a 86 Daytona turbo z c/s with the 2.2 t i in it (top end was removed after a head gasket blew : ( smh) there is also a trashed spirit...
  16. Turbo removal

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Putting in a new motor (92 daytona ES). It's a turbo motor but I'm taking the turbo stuff off and putting on the non turbo intake and exhaust manifolds. Would there be any concerns? Lower compression ratio? Anything? Converting to non turbo because car originally had non turbo, and I'm not...
  17. Interchangeability

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    Are there any carbs or throttle bodies that are bigger than factory that matches the bolt pattern? If not, what would be a good one to use with an adapter?
  18. 84 chrysler Executive Sedan motor swap

    Carburetted and TBI Injected
    Howdy, I'm searching for motor swap ideas for a 84 executive sedan w/ Mitsubishi 2.6 motor. Thanks
  19. '92 Daytona 2.5L Turbo Swap for VNT?

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    For my 1992 Dodge Daytona 2.5L Turbo, I've been thinking about giving it a performance makeover, and I found a new Garrett VNT-25 turbo. Just wondering what modifications I would possibly need to make to fit it on and make it compatible. I'm new to the turbo world, so I'm still learning a lot...
  20. Oil pickup bolt to main?

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    Hi all, I am putting together my motor and swapping over to a 1987 pan and pickup. I had a 88 pan and pickup before (deep sump pan) and it was damaged. I noticed the FSM shows the pickup screwed or bolted to one of the main bolts? non of my bolts have a spot to screw into (they are ARP main...