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  1. Turbo III
    Just got done with complete valve job on a 91 TIII, looking for the valve install height spec. Thanks Jeff
  2. Turbo III
    I have a 92 T III that is basically stock. I'd like some feed back on which mods are a must do to help with reliability and performance. First question I'm wondering is what inter cooler most others like to use in the Daytona. I've read that a Spearco 1080 is great for the Spirit, does it fit...
  3. Turbo III
    Hi, I'm an avid turbo dodge fan but new to the forums. I've had a few Shelby daytonas, but recently found and bought a 92 Iroc R/T. I see many others run a Holset setup on the 16v, but FWD offers the 50 trim hybrid. I'm not looking to hold any records but want to build a high 12 second car. I...
  4. Turbo III
    I have a 1991 Dodge Spirit R/T with the following modified to it: 1. Redirected vacuum lines to BOV (see picture) 2. Boost controller/bleed (see image) I bought the car in 2002 with these mods done to the car already. At the time it was set at 16 psi. Within the year, I had the turbo...
1-4 of 4 Results