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  1. 88 Daytona Pacifica t-top car for sale.

    Cars For Sale By Others
    I was building this car for myself, but wound up having life get in the way. There's so many new parts to list you'll just have to call me to hear about them. Car is nearly finished in drivable condition. Have more parts to go with it as well. Have many thousands invested, just want to sell...
  2. HELP NEED "P" Section (felt covered strips)

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Anyone know where I can get the 4397098 1 SEAL, Roof Mldg. "P" Section (felt covered strips) any one have any for sale. can you buy this for another car and cut to fit? would this work Mustang T-Top Beaded Felt Weatherstrip (81-88 All) - Free Shipping...
  3. g-body window scrapers

    I saw something the other day on here that said the window scrapers for a t-top daytona are longer than a sunroof/hardtop daytona? if so I'm guessing the ones from omnipotent won't fit a t-top car. Anyone have knowledge on this? Mine are cracked and about to fall off.
  4. Are you tired of torn up visors?

    Daytona -Are you tired of torn up visors? When I got my Daytona, it's visors were very torn up and the former owner was a heavy smoker. So every time I would move my visor I would end up with ashes in my lap. I was talking with my dad and he had the idea to put convertible Lebaron visors in it...
  5. Looking for Red 1986 Turbo Z CS with T-Roof

    Cars Wanted
    Hello. I used to have a new 86 Daytona with digital dash and black leather and T-Roof. Car had all options except for rear wiper because it had louvers. It was Red and an automatic. Does anyone have something close to this or any leads on where else I can search. I would consider a 5 speed...
  6. wtb...87 dodge daytona shelby-z T-top and door weather seals/molding

    Parts Wanted
    Hello..... Like the title says , im looking for t-top and door weather seals for my 87 shelby-z. If you have any of these items for sale lmk. contact [email protected]
  7. T-Top Weatherstrip

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for T-top weatherstripping for an 87 Pacifica. Anybody know of a vendor?
  8. CANADA Drivers Side T-Top needed

    Parts Wanted
    As the title states, I need a whole unit. Having a hard time finding one. I am willing to pay a fair bit for one as it is embarrassing with a black bag and tape lol.
  9. window scrapers and red interior parts

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of window scrapers for a t-top daytona. Willing to pay top dollar. Also looking for any interior parts for a 87-89 daytona with the marroon interior. Thanks
  10. 16v Hybrid T-Top Project (Lots of Pics)

    16v Conversion
    Well, I figured that I would start a project log of the Daytona's process in the building of the hybrid. I have gotten quite a bit of the parts to build everything. Just looking at getting the last few parts to get it up and going, then to get the machine work finished and put back together...
  11. 87 Daytona Shelby Z NEW SHOTS!!!

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    Finally took some new shots with my D3000 of my Daytona, enjoy! And showing my support to and representing TD! Specs: Fresh rebuild, about 1200 miles on it 2.2 with t3/t4 hybrid super 46 trim .63AR turbonetics turbo f2 cam MSD ignition 3 inch exhaust all the way from the turbo, no cat...
  12. 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z Shots

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    Here's a few shots of my Daytona for the contest: When i got it (notice the Easter Egg in front):
  13. 1989 Shelby Daytona t-top car

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    My Shelby Project. Future plans (now) include -new throwout bearing -new front struts with lowering springs -respray the faded parts now with a full respray down the road -other various engine upgrades :thumb: